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Mergers & Acquisitions

Logisyn is a boutique M&A advisory services firm for the logistics industry. We have developed a proven process based on decades of experience. From the preparation, buyer search/negotiation, to the due diligence phases, we allow our clients to focus on their core business while we run the process for them. Logisyn’s 3 partners have completed hundreds of M&A transactions in logistics. Our secret sauce is our industry reputation, references, buyer network, and industry knowledge. We believe in a personal hands-on approach and you won’t have to teach us Logistics 101.

Our Type of Clients:

  • Entrepreneurs and financial sponsors in the logistics industry
  • Asset based (warehouse & distribution, trucking, drayage)
  • Non-asset (freight forwarders, NVOCC, truck brokers, CHB, 3PL, etc)
  • Logistics technology & ecommerce providers
  • Headquartered in North America
  • Privately held
  • Typically over $2 M EBITDA (strategic exceptions

The Logisyn Process:

  • Understand current enterprise value range setting seller expectations
  • Prepare for intense M&A process
  • Buyer search and ranking through creation of a Market Map
  • Populate virtual data room - both Pre-LOI and for final diligence
  • Negotiate terms and deal structure
  • Project management from LOI to Closing including due diligence
  • Legal project management (note team background)
Icon Mergers Acquistions

Enterprise Valuation

Determining realistic valuation ranges based on today’s reality are included in Logisyn’s M&A sell side process. However, we also offer valuation services to sellers who may not be ready to go to market but want to understand value for estate planning or a partner/MBO negotiation. Our valuation analysis reports also provide management with a roadmap for increasing value going forward

There are multiple methodologies used in valuing a business. The approach used for our logistics service provider clients (primarily historical performance) is very different than the approach we use with logistics technology clients (primarily future potential). However, regardless of the methodology there are many factors which come into consideration when valuing a business: macroeconomic conditions, competitive landscape, comparable industry transactions/EBITDA multiples, current financial status/trends, discounted cash flow analysis, customer concentration, service line diversity, KPI’s and future projections...these are just a few areas. Trying to find a fair/ true valuation with so many moving pieces is a difficult science (or perhaps art). However, without insight into the logistics industry and current buyer sentiment, a valuation is just a guesstimate

Logisyn offers our valuation services to clients to assist in a long term M&A strategy…and only to logistic service providers and logistics technology firms.

Remember, the true value of anything is what a “willing” buyer will pay a “willing” seller at any given moment in time. The timing part of that equation is critical. If your business is trending downward versus growing profitably, your business value will be greatly suppressed. Understanding current value and forming a strategy on how best to increase value is the goal of working with Logisyn Advisors.

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Growth Strategy Consulting

Many successful logistics entrepreneurs wrote their initial business plan on a napkin 20 years ago. These entrepreneurs rolled up their sleeves and got to work building and growing their business; they created wealth and jobs while being part of the backbone of domestic or global trade. The Logisyn team has proven track records building successful businesses in the logistics industry. We are former entrepreneurs/executives who helped create great businesses in our industry….we understand your opportunity and challenges when it comes time to exit.

Logisyn can help you understand the general value range of your business with a quick review of your financials (we start with confidentiality agreements). If the firm is ready for an M&A process that can meet estate planning expectations, we will send you a proposal. However, if your current valuation is not high enough to meet your estate planning goals, rather than simply hold on and do more of the same, perhaps it is time to try something new? Our consulting services are designed to focus the business on preparing for an M&A event (that may include someone thinking about selling becoming a potential buyer with specific strategies and goals). Every situation is different.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs start thinking about exiting their business when times are bad. That can be an opportunistic time for buyers with cash in terms of price. Logisyn can certainly help willing sellers even when the sky is falling. However, we view our consulting services more strategically. Getting back on track and in a growth mode or accelerating the growth mode for those doing well is why Logisyn offers Corporate Growth consulting that complements our M&A services. Remember, every dollar on the bottom line will be multiplied at exit

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Due Diligence Project Mgmt.

There is a saying that 75% of all merger attempts fail…some investment bankers state that 9 out of 10 LOIs never result in a closed transaction. After decades of helping entrepreneurs in logistics these statistics seem about right for the logistics industry. Every owner seems to have stories of how buyers call them every week, and how they have wasted time with failed transactions. For our sell-side clients we provide professional project management of the process from start to finish and help avoid the typical landmines. Our team’s success rate and industry references speak for themselves.

Our Team

Logisyn Advisors team has over 100 years of logistics industry executive & entrepreneurial experience. In terms of M&A, the Managing Partners have played a leading role in over 200 acquisitions in the logistics industry. Managing Partners’ backgrounds complement each other. We also have a skilled group of financial analysis and market research team members assigned to each project.

Image Ron Lentz (Ron pictured with his niece)

Ron Lentz • Managing Partner

Ron works with Logisyn clients throughout the process. In addition to his vast network with logistics firms on a global scale, Ron is very knowledgeable on capital markets. He has many contacts in private equity, family funds and the debt-funding space. His expertise spans across all M&A Services specializing in logistics sub-sectors of focus which include, but are not limited to: ecommerce fulfillment, asset lite logistics, final mile delivery, 3PL’s, specialty hauling, air cargo, and freight forwarding. Ron is recognized as a Logistics Subject Matter Expert. He has been featured as a key speaker in industry events such as CSCMP’s annual conference, TIA’s annual conference, Transportation & Logistics Annual Capital Roundtable, Armstrong’s Annual 3PL Summit, and numerous other industry events.

Ron has 35 years of experience transforming Fortune 500 Companies, start-ups, turnarounds, and asset lite companies into highly performing businesses. Ron’s experience includes 20+ years culminating in international executive leadership at Ryder Logistics, as well as more than ten years of discrete C-Level assignments and M&A engagements. Over the past 10 years Ron established and built one of the leading M&A Services Firms for Logistics

Ron has been happily married for over 40 years to his wife, Julienne. For the past 30 years, they have served as volunteer wish granters for the Make A Wish foundation. Ron graduated from Augustana College, with a degree in Finance and Communications, and has done postgraduate studies at the University of Michigan, University of Tennessee, Georgia Tech, and The Ohio State University. Ron enjoys golfing, skiing, pickleball, and traveling both domestically and internationally.

Image Cris Arens (Cris with his son Max in Ravello, Italy)

Cris Arens • Managing Partner

Cris works with Logisyn Clients to manage the M&A process. His focus is on the Logistics Technology and Non-Asset Based sector (freight forwarders, NVOCC/IAC, CHB, 3PL, etc.). Cris is involved from the first client contact throughout the process. After the preparation phase is complete, Cris leverages his network with U.S. and multinational buyers to identify key assets in the industry with a synergistic fit. He oversees the preparation process and handles negotiation of the LOI terms, staying involved with the Logisyn due diligence team until a successful transaction is concluded.

Cris began his logistics career in the 1980s working for a global food trading company followed by an international freight forwarder. Cris has decades of on-the-ground experience in the logistics industry: sales, marketing, operations management, and strategic planning. He has worked in dozens of countries solving complex supply chain and technology challenges. In the mid-1990s he co-founded Fountainhead / CargoWise with market disruptive technology. The CargoWise story is well known and the firm had aggressive growth from startup. Like many Logisyn Clients, Cris saw a global opportunity that would require more scale. He helped merge the U.S. company with an Australian firm in 2006. Post-merger he ran global sales and U.S. operations while being a significant shareholder and member of the Board of Directors.

After CargoWise (now WiseTech), Cris was recruited by a private equity firm to act as the industry consultant in an acquisition of a publicly-traded logistics company. It was an eye-opening experience and he saw an opportunity to use his network and experience to help mid-size and privately held firms manage a difficult process. Ten years later, he has learned how to assist many quality firms on both sides of the buy-sell fence in obtaining high valuation/strong ROI

Cris has a BS degree in Business Management from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota. He enhanced his organizational behavior/technology knowledge with graduate work in finance/international business at DePaul University, Kellstadt School of Business MBA program. However, his real education comes from 30 plus years working with hundreds of logistics entrepreneurs and executives; analyzing and advising on their business plans, technology challenges, and financial statements. Cris lives in Chicago with his wife, Kathryn (their two children are young adults). He likes to play billiards, chess, golf, train his two dogs, travel, and work in his garden….and he can still drive a forklift.

Image Jan Raymond (Jan and Michal in Pula, Croatia)

Jan H. Raymond • Managing Partner

Jan works with Logisyn clients during the post-LOI to Closing process (he is also involved in the initial goal evaluation, business valuation and potential buyer ranking process). Based on hundreds of completed transactions where he managed large M&A corporate development and integration teams, Jan has developed strategies to help our sell-side clients prepare and manage the process. Prior to LOI, Jan manages the Logisyn financial analysts that work with the client to prepare the due diligence data room. Upon LOI, Jan and his team take the lead with project management (though Ron / Cris stay closely involved with their clients). During the due diligence process, Jan works very closely with the Logisyn client and their legal/financial advisors until the transaction is complete.

Jan began his career in logistics in the 1970s in New York City as the logistics manager for a Taiwanese-American joint venture. After moving to San Francisco, he became a licensed customs broker and then attended law school. As an attorney, he represented companies in various parts of the logistics industry before returning to Fritz Companies as a Regional Director of Operations and Corporate Counsel also running HR, Real Estate, Risk Management, and Regulatory Compliance. During his two decades with Fritz, he rose to become Executive Vice-President, Secretary, and General Counsel.

Along the way, he helped build the small U.S. customs broker into the then-largest U.S. based logistics multinational through over 70 acquisitions on five continents and the formation of multiple corporations in many foreign countries. In 2001, he negotiated and closed the sale of Fritz to UPS and became the Chief Administrative Officer of UPS Supply Chain Solutions where he was the project manager for the integration of Fritz into UPS. Upon the successful completion of that project, he left UPS to become a business and legal advisor to small and medium-sized logistics companies specializing in acquisitions

Jan has a B.S. degree from Cornell University and a J.D. degree, with honors, from Boalt Hall School of Law, U.C. Berkeley. He is married with one daughter. In his free time, he enjoys bicycling, skiing, photography, reading and films. For many years he has volunteered for multiple feeding-the-needy projects and Habitat for Humanity.

Image Jan Raymond (Mikael on his 1939 Nimbus motorcycle)

Mikael Olesen • Managing Director

Mikael runs the Logisyn Advisors buy-side program. He works with multinational and mid-size logistics buyers looking for acquisition growth strategies. He also works with private equity groups looking to put capital to work in logistics. As the former CEO of LEMAN USA, Mikael has helped build multinational logistics companies and understands the criteria needed by your Board of Directors looking for acquisition growth.

Mikael began his career in freight forwarding in the early 90s in Denmark. He later transferred to the US where he has lived and worked in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. He has worked extensively with partners around the world, especially Europe and Asia, and understands cultural differences across continents, countries, and companies. During his career, Mikael has successfully focused on building up teams and branches, from scratch as well as turnarounds. Since 2017 Mikael has been working in the M&A and Executive Recruiting space, servicing top-5 global 3PLs as well as a large number of small and medium sized enterprises.

Mikael has an Executive MBA in Finance from Rutgers University. He lives in Chicago with his wife and 3 children and their dog. In his spare time, he is involved in real estate investing and dabbles with stocks/options investing. He is actively involved in Toastmasters International and has held several leadership positions. Mikael has served as a board member with the Danish Church in Brooklyn, and he was a mentor in the Rutgers University teamUP program. He enjoys traveling and spending time both in Europe and Asia with family. He plays tennis and golf when the Chicago weather permits and goes for the occasional ride on his 1939 Nimbus motorcycle.

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